Apple iPod and iPhone Apps Compliments Electric Motor Cars Vehicles

EnVision Motor Company

Apple Apps and EnVision Motor Company

100% Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicle Charging Station

Apple iPod and iPhone Apps Compliments Electric Motor Cars Vehicles

Ames, Iowa. March 18, 2010- Apple app guides EnVision Motor Company’s family of 100% electric, long-range, highway speed vehicles to charging station locations.

Today EnVision Motor Company launched a revolutionary line of Electric Motor Cars the first 100% electric, long-range, highway speed family of vehicles. The range of these electric vehicles is up to 200 miles plus between charges and charging is easily performed by plugging into your household, commercial outlet, or charging station.

Apple app creators have come up with two different charging station locator apps. With just the push of a button on your Apple iPhone or iPod touch you can find the nearest charging station along with directions from your current location to the station location. The best part of all, both apps are FREE!

Apple EV Charger Finder App

  • Associated with
  • Includes a local database of over 500 public electric vehicle charging stations, the type of connections available, and geographic position. Does not need to sync to web to get data.
  • Charger location can be updated via the website. Contribute to this growing community.
  • The data can be sorted in a table view either alphabetically by city or by distance from your location
  • Detail view with information about the individual charger. You can also launch Google maps to get directions to the location. You can also link to up to the minute reports on each charger via the website.
  • Email a Charger Update direct from the application to the website.

Apple ChargePoint App

  • Find charging stations near any specified address.
  • Get turn-by-turn directions to charging stations.
  • See the real-time availability status of charging stations: Available, In Use, or Out of Service.
  • Start and Stop charging sessions directly from an iPhone.
  • Get directions from current location to where the vehicle is charging.
  • Get status on current or most recent charging session (energy, greenhouse gas savings, time).
  • Receive real-time notifications of current charging session.

EnVision Motor Company based in the Heartland of America is the Sole USA Distributor for Electric Motor Cars, a family of Long Range – Highway – Capable 100 % Electric vehicles.

CONTACT: Thomas Gleisner 1-866-527-8871

President & CEO EnVision Motor Company


Envision Motor Company

426 S. 17th Street

Ames, Iowa 50010

1-866-527-8871 or 515-598-2258


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