EnVision Motor Company, Inc Launches Family of Electric Motor Cars (EMC)

EnVision Motor Company

100% Electric Vehicles Introduced to the US

Long range, Highway speed, 7 passengers, 3 Models

EnVision Motor Company, Inc Launches Family of Electric Motor Cars (EMC)

Ames, Iowa. March 18, 2010- Americans looking to purchase a 100% electric, long range, highway speed vehicle will be excited with the new family of Electric Motor Cars that EnVision Motor Company is introducing to the US market.

Produced on a European Automotive assembly line, Electric Motor Cars family of all electric vehicles includes a 7 passenger station wagon, a cargo van, and a pick-up truck.  EnVision Motor Company is the exclusive distributor for this family of electric vehicles in the USA with plans of selling several thousand vehicles in the coming months.

All of Electric Motor Cars’ vehicles qualify for the full $7,500 Federal Tax Credit and many state tax credits for purchasing a plug in electric vehicle.  Proposed MSRP for the fully equipped Electric Station Wagon is less than $30,000 after the Federal Tax Credit for plug in electric vehicles.  The warranty period for the vehicles is 3 years/100,000 miles.

The range of these models of electric vehicles is approximately 260 miles between charges and charging is made easy when plugged into any regular household or commercial 110/120 volt outlet.  Electric Motor Cars vehicles batteries are sodium based batteries that are non-toxic and fully recyclable.

The family of Electric Motor Cars vehicles are being manufactured on a daily basis and can be ordered on-line today at EnVision’s website www.envisionmotorcompany.com.  A dealer network is being established throughout the United States and will be announced shortly .

Key Product Features:

-100 % fully electric family of vehicles

-Highway speed fully rated for US and European roadways

-European designed and produced

-Zero Emissions, low maintenance vehicles

-Vehicles conform to all US safety, environmental and durability standards

-Three models available:  7 Passenger Station Wagon, Cargo van, Pickup Truck

-Federal and State Tax Credits available

-EVBX-1 sodium based battery.  Nontoxic, fully recyclable.

Proposed Pricing-

7 Passenger Station Wagon $37,300   *$29,800 after Federal Tax Credit.

Cargo Van $32,300  *$24,800 after Federal Tax Credit

Pick up $33,300   *25,800 after Federal Tax Credit

EnVision Motor Company based in the Heartland of America is the Sole USA Distributor for Electric Motor Cars, a family of Long Range – Highway – Capable 100% Electric vehicles.

CONTACT:  Thomas Gleisner 1-866-527-8871

President & CEO EnVision Motor Company

Email:  tgleisner@envisionmotorcompany.com


Envision Motor Company
426 S. 17th Street
Ames, Iowa 50010
Toll Free: 1-866-527-8871
Fax: 1-515-598-2251


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